Pavel Kalchenko

Javascript FE/FS developer

{ experienced in crypto }

How can we collaborate?

I can realize different types of projects: from simple frontend pages or separate components to complex fullstack applications and Crypto DApps (EVM).

Before choosing technologies stack I always analyse your goals, business, budget and deadlines.

I worked with different businesses and projects as a developer and also as SEO marketer. And I have experience in IT team management.



Javascript FE/FS development

I create all types of WEB applications, websites, and Crypto DApps using the latest versions of ECMAScript, VueJS, ReactJS, NestJS, Next, Nuxt, and PrismaORM for SQL database management.


Mobile Apps

For mobile applications I use Flutter. It has pros and cons, but you'll get a cross-platform apps (both IOS and Android) and usually they almost as fast as native apps.


IT Consulting & Mentoring

I have worked in various companies and industries, including Yandex (large technology company), PropellerAds (advertising network), Embria (venture fund and startup builder), crypto projects, medical clinics, and news agencies. I have extensive experience in various fields, including helping to choose technology stacks, consulting on IT recruitment and team management, and being experienced in Crypto.


CMS based or Web-Builders websites

It is possible to create website on popular CMS, like WordPress, Tilda or Duda. I don't really like it, and most probably I'll find an expert for this purpose, but in some cases it is a good solution. And I can manage project and QA it.


Build Home

A one-page website for a company engaged in the repair of apartments and country houses.

The site is made using ReactJS.

Design by Alexey Semenov